Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our Frequently Asked Questions below, if you do not find the answer you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes and cabins and houses.

Yes – New, Used and Hire.

Monday-Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm (excluding public holidays – please call to check for the Christmas/New Year period)

Yes – we have several buildings new and used of varying sizes available immediately for Sale or hire.

A Park Home is usually required to be located in a Caravan Park and regulations require it to have wheels and a draw bar so that it can be positioned by a vehicle and easily removed.   The definition of a Park Home is a “Caravan that can’t be licenced for use on the road”.

Yes – Either bring your own plans or we can design it for you.

Yes you can Site Offices; Sales Office: Lunch Rooms: Large Office Complexes; Toilet Blocks: Showers: Hire Offices, Toilet Blocks; Bunkhouses; Gate Houses and much more.

It is generally not cost effective to Hire Granny Flats however we are pleased to discuss this with you.

It is generally not cost effective to Hire Portable Houses however we are pleased to discuss this with you.

Yes – there are a number options available to you.

There are a range of options and each site is different, if we are unable to manoeuvre a truck into position we can crane it for you.

In some instances the answer is yes in others no – please call to discuss your project and we can advise you accordingly.

In the factory and usually on site we arrange the connection of services such as water; waste disposal and power.

Building in the factory significantly reduces any disruptions on site and if you wish to move or sell the building later you can without having to dismantle it, it also maximises your re-sale value.

Yes and the warranty can be up to 6 years depending in the type of building and its use.

There is always a 2nd hand market for used transportable buildings.

This varies between 4-10 weeks subject to the size of the building.