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Many businesses need to cater for additional staff as they either expand or gear up with bigger contracts.
They may require additional:
>    Portable Offices
>    Lunchrooms
>    Gate Houses
>    Meeting Rooms
>    Recreational Facilities
>    Toilets and Shower Units
Remote locations provide many challenges, possibly the greatest being access to labour and materials required to build onsite.
Pre-fabricated transportable and modular buildings can serve as accommodation, office space, ablutions and storage, alleviating many of these difficulties.

Having a building pre-fabricated in a secure and protected factory environment, that is tested to ensure everything operates as designed, also ensures quality, fit and finish that is consistent and of a standard the discerning customer expects.

Cavalier has been building and delivering our products in this manner for 47 years satisfying and delighting its many customers both large and small.
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