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Portable or re-locatable buildings provide for many options in our dynamic and ever changing world.

A portable building is a great long-term solution for a family that requires a granny flat, park home, teenage retreat or even a home office or studio.

At some stage, the grandparents or teenagers will move, and you may decide to sell the house and move on.
With a portable or transportable building, it provides you with the option of either keeping the transportable building and moving it to another location, selling it with your home or selling it separately.
This flexibility is not available if your addition is permanent.

Having a building pre-fabricated in a secure and protected factory environment, that is tested to ensure everything operates as designed, also ensures quality, fit and finish that is consistent and of a standard the discerning customer expects.

Cavalier has been building and delivering our products in this manner for 47 years satisfying and delighting its many customers both large and small.
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