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Portable Building
Why a Portable Building?

  1. It is a cost effective alternative to a permanent structure.

  2. A great long-term solution for family that requires a granny flat, teenage retreat or even an office or studio. At some stage, the grandparents or teenagers will move, and you may decide to sell the house and move on. With a portable or transportable building, it provides you with the option of either keeping the transportable building, selling it with your home or selling it separately. This flexibility is not available if your addition is permanent.

  3. Many businesses need to cater for additional staff as they either expand or gear up with bigger contracts, they may require additional:
>    Portable Offices
>    Lunchrooms
>    Gate Houses
>    Meeting Rooms
>    Toilets and Shower Units
  1. Portable units provide you with the flexibility to easily, quickly and cost effectively expand and contract your facilities as required. Options are numerous and also include the opportunity to buy or hire units.

    Remote locations provide many challenges, possibly the greatest being labour and materials required to build onsite. Pre-fabricated transportable buildings can serve as accommodation and storage, alleviating many of these difficulties. Contact us today for all your portable building requirements. We’re your one-stop-shop for all portable and transportable units, of all sizes, to meet all requirements.
Sales New & Used Customised & Standard Units

Cavalier Homes custom designs, manufactures, sells, hires and installs new transportable and used transportable homes units for various commercial, private, industrial and government uses.
Portable Building Hire

We have an extensive range of transportable/portable buildings available for hire. Our hire fleet includes everything from small buildings and large transportable/portable office complexes, to relocatable homes in WA, all of which are comprised of numerous modules.

Whether you need to hire a transportable/portable building for three months or three years, we can assist. Our extensive hire fleet includes:
>    Site Offices
>    Sales Offices
>    Lunchrooms
>    Gatehouses
>    Toilets: Showers
>    Ablutions
>    Bunk Houses
>    Sea Containers and much more
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